• A range of play & activities will be provided for each child suitable to their age and stage of development.
  • Children will be encouraged to be independent and to use their imaginations when playing or participating in activities.
  • Children will be offered the opportunity to choose their play/activities and encouraged to take turns and share with others and to also tidy up afterwards.
  • Through play children will be learning about sharing, what is right and wrong and behaviour that is acceptable.
  • Children will be listened to and their questions answered.
  • Social, personal and emotional development will be supported.
  • Learning will be built into everyday activities, i.e. shopping, cooking, and cleaning.


Activities I can offer

I am lucky to have built up a large range of activities. All equipment is checked prior to use.

  • Baby Toys - rattles, baby gym, play mats, musical toys
  • Puzzles- wooden tray puzzles, small piece puzzles and large piece puzzles
  • Games- card games, board games
  • Construction- bricks, train set, marble run, knex, magnetix
  • Small world- doll house, bus, small animals, farm
  • Role Play- play kitchen, shop, hand puppets, dressing up
  • Dolls- dolls, clothes, prams, high chairs
  • Cars- car mat, cars, trucks
  • Art and crafts- glueing/ sticking, painting, cutting
  • Sand and water
  • Books- variety of ages
  • PC- laptop
  • Tv / dvd- various childrens dvd's, c beebies
  • Out door play- swings slide, sand and water, balls, hoops