Here we have a comprehensive list of my policies, the main ones will be handed out in your welcome pack and any others printed on request or you can download them from this site by right-clicking the filename and choosing the "save as" option. All files are in the Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf format, if you can't view the files please download the free reader software from here pdf_icon (1K)

  1. Accident And Emergency.pdf
  2. Babies And Children Under Two.pdf
  3. Behaviour.pdf
  4. Care Learn And Play.pdf
  5. Common And Childhood Illnesses.pdf
  6. Complaints.pdf
  7. Confidentiality.pdf
  8. Dropping Off And Collecting Children.pdf
  9. Equal Opportunities.pdf
  10. Evacuation.pdf
  11. Fees.pdf
  12. Healthy Setting.pdf
  13. Illness And Infectious Disease.pdf
  14. Infectious Diseases.pdf
  15. Lost Child And Uncollected Child.pdf
  16. Medicine.pdf
  17. No Smoking.pdf
  18. Outings.pdf
  19. Photographs Outings And Suncream.pdf
  20. Safeguarding Children.pdf
  21. Settle In.pdf
  22. Special Needs.pdf
  23. Working In Partnership With Parents.pdf